Narration -02

                                                                Interrogative sentence

Reporting verb উঠে ask/asked বসবে এবং inverted comma উঠে if/whether বসবে। যেমন:
a. Susmita said to Nila, ‘Will you go to college?”
Answer: Susmita asked Nila if she would go to college.
b. She said to me, ‘Do you take tea?’
Answer: She asked me if I took tea.
c. He said to her, ‘Did you come here yesterday?’
Answer: He asked her if she had gone there the previous day.
d. Father said to his son, ‘Are you reading now?’
Answer: Father asked his son if he was reading then.

Interrogative sentences-এ reported speech সব সময় assertive sentence –এ রুপান্তরিত হয়। যেমনঃ

a. My father said to me, “Did you learn your lesson?” Answer : My father asked me if I learnt my lesson.

Try yourself:
a. The teacher said to the students, ‘Have you learnt your lessons today?’ b. Mother said to me, ‘Did you go to college yesterday?’ c. The man said to the girl, ‘Will you buy new dress tomorrow?’ d. Father said to his son, ‘Did you not complete the work yesterday?’ e. I said to the little boy, ‘Have you ever been to Cox’s Bazar?’

Reporting verb উঠে ask/asked বসবে এবং reported speech-টি যদি who, which, what, when, whom, where, whose, why, how ইত্যাদি দ্বারা আরম্ভ হয় if/whether না বসে pronoun-টিই বসে। যেমন:
a. Karim said to me, ‘Where did you go yesterday?’
Answer: Karim asked me where I had gone the previous day.
b. The man said to Keya, ‘What is your name?’
Answer: The man asked Keya what her name was.
c. He said to me, ‘Which book do you want?’
Answer: He asked me which book I wanted.
Try yourself:
a. The teacher said to the student, ‘Why have you not learnt your lesson?’ b. Rahim said to his friend, ‘Which book do you want?’ c. Mother said to her daughter, ‘Where did you go yesterday?’ d. The master said to the porter, ‘Why have you not completed the work?’